Chen Style Tai Chi - Single broadsword

Chen Style Tai Chi - Single broadsword
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Also available in Chen Style Tai Chi - Single broadsword

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This Unique DVD is Not like other master's DVD, which is one practice the whole form for you, it is hard for you to follow.

Our DVD format divided into :

Whole from Demo,Grandmaster Cheng's Biography and Lessons,  Each lesson was break down into slow motion, detail explanation, and perspective view. include details information on how breath when practicing this form. you can always fast forward or reward to next form.

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Master Cheng's Bigography

Master Cheng Jincai is a native of Chen Village and one of the few top Chen Style Taichi practitioners in the world. Master Cheng Jincai began studying Chen Style Taichi as a child in 1970 under the tutelage of Grandmaster Wang Xian. Master Jincai continued studying with Grandmaster Wang Xian until 1973, after which he studied with Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui until 1981. Master Cheng has been teaching Chen Style Taichi for over 30 years of which the last ten years have been in the United States. He is an official national Taichi tournament judge. In 2002, he became a member of Board of Advisors for the U.S.A. Wushu-Kongfu Federation and in 2003 he was introduced into their hall of Fame of Outstanding Master. The First Routine of Chen Style Old Frame provides the basis for developing silk twisting jing-a flexible and continuous energy augmented by an occasional burst of explosive power (the emphasis of the Second Routine). Mastering of the Old Frame enables the practitioner to balance the mind and body without any hesitation of spirit of intent. In this DVD, Mater Cheng demonstrates the full routine in an idyllic setting accompanied by traditional Chinese flute and his digitally recorded breathing technique which is critical to successful Taichi practice. He includes two Master Classes in which he covers proper breathing technique and outlines the basic physical requirement of Old Frame First Routine for each section of the body. The Most valuable part of this DVD is the concise yet thorough breakdown of the First Routine into it is 74 component forms ?C repeating forms are only shown once to save time for over 80 rarely seen combat application that Master Chen performs with his student. Master Cheng is extraordinarily graceful and powerful movements, his strong desire to share his knowledge and the latest digital filmmaking technologies have joined forces in the DVD to instruct, inspire, and even entertain all Taichi and martial art enthusiasts.

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