Chen Style Tai Chi Single Sword 49 Steps

Chen Style Tai Chi Single Sword 49 Steps
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Chen Style Tai Chi Single Sword 49 Steps

Grandmaster Cheng Jin Cai, president of the USA Chen Tai Chi Federation, 19th generation grandmaster of Chen Tai Chi, is a familiar name to people in Houston through his teaching at the International Chen Style Tai Chi Development Center. His fame extends to other areas of the United States and to China through his community and professional service, his participation in national and international martial arts and tournaments, and his publications For his accomplishments, his name was included in the 1998 Yearbook of Famous Asian Americans in the US. Houston M ayor Lee Brown named December 9 as the Day of Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan in the year of 2001. After his book was publish ed in 2002, he was called upon to be the consultant for the U .S. National Martial Arts Association. In 2002, he became a member of Board of Advisors for the U.S.A. Wushu-Kungfu Federation, and in 2003 he was inducted into their Hall of Fame of Outstanding Masters. In February 2005, he was app ointed advisor to the USA National Tai Chi Chuan Federation . On April 2, 2005, Master Cheng received a special certificate of recognition from Congressman Al Green in honor of his dis tinguished service to the Asian-American and Greater Houston Communities The Chen Style Tai Chi Universal Life Cultivating Method utilizes unique techniques such as guiding, collecting, gathering mobilizing, receiving, soothing and condensing to coordinate the mind, body and qi. Without the complicated movements found in a tai chi routine, The Method it is easy to learn and dramatically improves health. There are no side effects and practice is not limited by time, location or age.

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